New year, new Wastewater Treatment System 

The PlumbSpec like to start our first article of 2020 by wishing our readers a safe and happy New Year! Whether you’re building or renovating your home in the New Year (or new decade, for that matter) we’d like to encourage you to consider a few more convenient and environmentally [...]


Ask your Wellington Plumber to install an outdoor shower

Most would think that calls made to the team at Plumbspec would be limited to Wellington plumbing emergencies and issues. Not so, we’ll have you know! We are delighted to let you know that our services extend to Wellington plumbing installations of the fun, fashionable kind. In today’s blog, we’ll [...]


A sweet summer deal for Wellington Gasfitting

With the summer holidays just around the corner, your best bet for a guaranteed before-Christmas gas installation is now now now! If you’re hoping to get a Wellington gas installation done in time for the holidays, be sure to get in touch with our fully qualified team as soon as [...]


Plumbing tips for your new Wellington build

Designing a new home is an exciting and often complicated event. With so many elements to consider under your one umbrella budget and timeframe, it helps to be as informed as possible when making decisions about your design. One such decision (of probably the most importance) is your Wellington plumbing [...]


Simple ways to save water for conservation week

September 14th marks the first day in our country’s annual conservation week. Being a little more conscious about your water wastage is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can actually save you a lot of money on your heating bills and water rates, all while adding value to [...]


Blocked toilets in Wellington: an early warning sign

A good loo will last for a long time, but no loo was ever meant to flush forever. It’s important for homeowners to consider their toilet to be an appliance like any other in the home: a tool with a life expectancy that unfortunately means it’ll eventually find its final flush. [...]


Wellington Blocked Toilet Emergencies: FAQ’s

Blocked toilets are a natural part of life. With the average Kiwi family toilet being flushed dozens of times a day, it’s expected that the odd blockage will happen. How those blockages happen and where they occur are the points of interest for your local Wellington plumber. In today’s blog, [...]


Our winter gas fitting deal is here!

Wellington has seen some truly chilly days of late. If you're starting to consider more effective means by which to heat your home, we would recommend Wellington Gas Heating. Gas is the fastest and most effective way to heat your home. Gas warms a home, heats up your water and [...]


Have you heard the news?

BioCycle Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems are coming to Wellington and we are the Capital’s officially recognised installation team! That’s right, the Wellington plumbing and drainage professionals at PlumbSpec are going to be your dream team for all things BioCycle; a revolutionary aerated wastewater treatments system. This lean, clean home sewerage [...]

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