Installing a water filter

If you live in the Hutt Valley of Wellington you might have noticed your water occasionally tasting a bit more chloriney. That’s because recent water tests found some bacterial contamination in the water, possibly caused by upheaval from the Kaikoura earthquakes earlier this year. Don’t worry––the levels of chlorine are well within safe limits for drinkable water. However, more and more Wellingtonians are installing water filters to improve the taste and purity of their water.

A quick search of Mitre Ten Mega’s website will turn up a few under bench water filter options for not much more than a hundred dollars. And although this D-I-Y store might inspire you to have a crack at installing it yourself, it’s really better if you D-I-Don’t.

Generally, water filters fall under the category of ‘sanitary plumbing’ and must be carried out by an authorised tradesperson––and that includes under bench units. The only filters you can fit yourself are the ones that have a push on connection fitted to your kitchen tap. If you’re unsure whether your water filter requires professional installation, you can call the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board on 0800 743 262 for clarification.

All PlumbSpec’s plumbers are certified plumbers, gasfitters, and drainlayers, which means we’re fully qualified for all your plumbing needs and will happily install your water filter for you. We service the greater Wellington region, and our call-out rates are competitive. For any plumbing job, big or small, contact PlumbSpec today!

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Trade talks: an interview with a plumber (continued)

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Trade talks: an interview with a plumber

Trade talks: an interview with a plumber

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