Wellington plumbing services: not just for emergencies!

When your local Wellington plumber isn’t tending to the latest Wellington plumbing emergency, we’re actually busy with a myriad of other useful plumbing-related services! Our Wellington plumbing services extend beyond simple drainage emergencies – we cater to tasks great and small, be it installing a washing machine to refurbishing an entire bathroom suite!

Want to know more about our professional Wellington plumbing services? You’ve come to the right place!


Bathroom Installations

Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper or its just time for an update, your fresh bathroom installation will require our professional Wellington plumbing expertise. To DIY your own bathroom without proper plumbing and drainage training is to doom your poor home! When it comes to anything plumbing related, you simply can’t beat the experts at PlumbSpec:

  • Unlike your average DIY Joe, we’ve got ample experience in being able to ‘see into the future’ of your home, which will result in a bathroom layout that’s intelligent, efficient and future-proof.
  • If we find any damage or potential for future damage in your drains while preparing the installation, we’ll be able to fix it straight away – no extra calls necessary!
  • If anything could go wrong with your Wellington drains, you’ve got the experts already handy to fix it.
  • We’re plumbing design experts, so if we see the potential for a better configuration, we’ll inform you and install accordingly.


Appliance Installation

Despite being Wellington drainage experts, we’re not so high and mighty as to snuff an appliance installation job! If you’ve got a shiny new dish or clothes washer to install, the PlumbSpec team are the people to call! Installing appliances in Wellington is easy for an expert, but tough for the untrained. Rather than punching unnecessary holes in your walls or poorly connecting pipes (that lead to future Wellington plumbing emergencies), simply leave it to our team of talented pros.

We’ll install your appliances safely and effectively so that they’re both long-lasting and easily mended or replaced in the future (#nocowboys).


Looking for a plumbing expert who specialises in Wellington bathroom installation and appliance maintenance or connection? Look no further than the professionals at PlumbSpec!

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